Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No going back now.

Well, after weeks of perseverating, I've done it. I've booked this. Just G and me. No kids. They're staying with Auntie Karlyn and Uncle James in Seattle. Holy Crap! Lots of knitting for me. Lots of Alaska for George. I'm so excited!! And it's only what, 9 months away?

In other news, I'm sure you've all heard the Larry Craig news. Eewww. Makes me a bit embarrassed to be an Idahoan. And in reality, being an Idahoan has nothing to do with it. Well, except that we've voted him back into office over the past 25 years. But the creep factor is unbelievable. I don't give a crap if you're gay. Or if you've every been gay. Just don't lie about it and make all sorts of blanket anti-gay statements. The whole bathroom stall, foot tapping, and worst of all, throwing your business card in the arresting officer's face and flaunting that you're a senator? That's beyond inexcusable, if you ask me. It's taking hypocrisy and the abuse of power to a whole new repulsive level. Resign already, Larry.


Kim said...

Hooray for the cruise!!! God, I'd LOVE to go, but there's no honking way right now. You guys will have SO much fun!!

As for Larry---good grief, but it's bizarre, isn't it? Between he, the Statesman & Dan Popkey getting all this press, it's really weird to turn on the national news and see people that we're familiar with. Ick.

See you tonight, sunshine!

Anonymous said...

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